Hey Batter Batter Batter, Swing! Magazines to Watch During the 2014 World Series


Game 2 of the World Series is going down tonight at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. Who will knock it out of the park this year? Check out these head-to-head team mags to keep up with the action:

Kansas City Royals Blue October 2014 by JulieWolfe2014: 2014 American League champs.

Royals: Run For the Crown by KCSorrelli: Documenting the season leading up to the World Series.

SF Giants by nkanemoto: All about the team that won the National League pennant.

San Francisco Giants by adhatch78: Fan magazine and analysis by Adam Hatch.

World Series 2014 by Flipboard Newsdesk: Coverage from our home team in Palo Alto.

Take a look at the evolution of the ol’ ball game with these magazines:

vintage baseball by Vintage0928: Black and white photos to bring you back in time.

Baseball History by Surfguy42: A look back at important moments in big league history.

Who’s going to take home the Commissioner’s Trophy? Let us know who you’re rooting for by tweeting @Flipboard

~jdlv is reading “Sports Gif Anime

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Spotlight: Fashion Publicist Owen Geronimo


My name is Owen Geronimo and my medium is art, fashion and technology.

My love of creativity and anti-establishment philosophy has led me into interesting projects in the worlds of art, fashion and business. I founded a nonprofit in San Francisco for fashion, technology and design called San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance. Now, I work with aspiring startups, entrepreneurs, designers and students on the future of fashion, retail and wearable technology.

I use Flipboard for fashion and retail news, technology trends, and as one of my favorite media channels. I [...]

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What Kind of Publisher Are You? Tips for When You Go Live


Whether you’re publishing spontaneously or following a planned schedule, there are key things to have in place before your magazine goes live. How do you know when you’re ready?

Here’s a handy dandy checklist of basics. Do you have…

…an amazing, illustrative cover image?

…a clear, relevant magazine name?

…your profile name

…an avatar and description?

…an interesting topic or point of view?

You don’t have to know your selected topic inside and out when you make a magazine. However, you [...]

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5 Magazines to Help You Stay Healthy This Flu Season

file000295609951 (1) Flu season is upon us and there’s one simple act dubbed as the “cheapest and easiest vaccine”: hand-washing with soap. Here are 5 magazines to help you keep you aware, healthy and well throughout the winter months:

FluSeason_coverFlu Season by Suki: Everything you need to know about the flu season.

ModernHealth_coverModern Health & Medicine by jdleiker: Current trends in health, wellness and medicine.

Wellness_coverWellness by EricaJones2013: [...]

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Spotlight: Creative Director Chinie Hidalgo Diaz

My name is Chinie and my medium is writing. Recently, on my blog Fab After Forty and anywhere else I can get away with it, my writing has been illustrated by doodles. I only discovered I could draw two years ago, but since then, I think I may just have made up for all that lost time.  During the day I work as a Creative Director at Teleforce Asia, a direct marketing firm.

My love of learning is my life’s driving force. It really thrills [...]

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Make Your Magazines Move with Animated GIFs


Everywhere you look on the Internet, you’ll encounter moving images of cute cats falling over, your favorite sitcom quotes and laugh-out-loud snippets. Where did it all come from? GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format,” an image type created in 1987 by CompuServ and later animatable by Netscape. The animated GIF has since become an Internet art form and gained popularity due to its portability. Its limited color palette was not intended for high quality photography but for simple images or graphics with solid color. These short animations can take up less [...]

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5 Magazines to Get You into the Halloween Spirit


Did you catch the blood moon this morning? Conspiracy theorists have connected blood moons to major historical events like the fall of Constantinople, the Red Sox breaking the World Series curse and the apocalypse. What better way to get ready for Halloween than the fear of the end of the world?

Here are 5 magazines to get you into the Halloween spirit:

IMG_0224It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by woolwheeler: Yummy recipes to keep your kitchen smelling like fall.

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Spotlight: Product Manager Peter Petrovski

My name is Peter Petrovski and my medium is digital.

My love of storytelling stems from my fascination with the intersection of technology, culture and information. I’m passionate about understanding motivations behind human behaviour, identifying problems, brainstorming ideas and crafting solutions that improve people’s lives.

I use Flipboard to curate information, ideas and products. And to be surprised by the serendipitous discovery of fresh content.

The first article I flipped was a TechCrunch article on how Google was planning to send invites out for its Glass Explorer program. I flipped it into my [...]

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Why You Should Add an Avatar to Your Flipboard Profile and Write a Good Description


Sprucing up your profile with an avatar and description can go miles when engaging the Flipboard community. Providing a “face” to a name helps establish legitimacy and adds a human element to your profile.

To edit your avatar on your mobile device, start by tapping on the red ribbon, then find the gear icon in My Flipboard, then “Edit Profile.”


Hit the pencil icon to edit or add an avatar. You can import your photo from Twitter and Facebook for consistency, but [...]

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Spotlight: Artist and Teacher Gabriel Craft


My name is Gabriel Craft and my medium is the blogger’s dashboard. In between teaching English as a foreign language here in Japan, I create and and curate content related to design, personal growth, mindfulness, practical Zen Buddhism, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Oh, and a whole mess of tiny houses. I also enjoy the plastic arts through photography, digital art and tactile paper and fude pen.

I use Flipboard to curate original content into a format that is easy and fun for me to review and revisit. I love that [...]

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Create a Flipboard Magazine for your Online Shop

Do you sell on eBay, Etsy or on your own website? From hand-forged jewelry to DIY kits and handmade clothes, a Flipboard magazine can act as a vibrant catalog of your offerings online.

Install the Flip It button in your browser on desktop or mobile and flip each item from your online store into a magazine. If a red price tag doesn’t automatically show, then select the Shopping cart and enter it. Etsy and eBay are Flipboard partners, so any items from those sites will be beautifully paginated. Please note that all transactions [...]

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Spotlight: Social Media Maven Amy Vernon

Credit: Andrew Kelly for CROWDFUNDx

My name is Amy Vernon and my medium is words.

My love of sharing information is driven by my life-long relationship with words and grammar. I view my job in life as helping people understand—whether it’s understanding a concept, understanding a story, understanding another person, understanding technology. It’s taken me a long time, ironically, to be able to express that properly, but my connection with words and their meaning began as long ago as I can remember.

I spent 20 years as a daily newspaper journalist, helping our readers [...]

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Make Some Noise (Literally), With Flipboard Magazines and SoundCloud

1_audio_image Sound is the perfect ingredient to make your magazine feel more dynamic and fun. So don’t be shy! Get loud and proud by adding audio tracks to your Flipboard magazines. Your readers can press play and enjoy the “soundtrack” while they flip through your magazine. And when one track ends, the next will play seamlessly—it’s just like creating a playlist, but in a magazine format.

The best way to add aural elements to your magazines is via SoundCloud, a popular platform that lets DJs, artists, labels and others upload and share [...]

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Spotlight: Tech Columnist Rob Walker

My name is Rob Walker and my medium is procrastinating.

My love of art + tech collisions is partly a result of my work for Yahoo! Tech, where I am a columnist. My “beat” is the intersection of technology and culture, and there are just too many great examples of how creative people are using, or misusing, digital tools. So I started the Tech + Arts mag on Flipboard to catalog and share everything in that category that I think is cool, whether my colleagues and I write about it or not.

I use Flipboard to [...]

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Spotlight: Design Writer Carl Alviani

My name is Carl Alviani and my medium is stories: visual, spoken and written.

My love of complex systems has taken me through a pretty diverse sequence of careers—I studied engineering, but ended up becoming a science teacher in the Peace Corps, then an industrial designer, and eventually a writer, focusing on design and infrastructure. The hidden structures that change how we think and act are an endless source of fascination, which helps explain why I work at a creative agency (Ziba, in Portland).

I use Flipboard to publish articles we write about [...]

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Showcase Flipboard Magazines on Your Website

You’ve dedicated time and effort into making your magazines awesome. Now don’t forget to show them off! If you are a business owner, blogger or other kind of Webmaster, there are two easy tools at share.flipboard.com to help spread your magazines’ reach.

1. Profile Badge: Quick access to everything you’re collecting on Flipboard

Your Flipboard profile contains all the magazines you’re making and can be accessed via a URL like flipboard.com/profile/[Your_Username_Here]. A Profile Badge is a visually attractive alternative: by embedding it on your site, your readers can quickly get to everything you’re curating via a nifty button that looks [...]

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Put a Dashboard on It!

It may be all about birds in Portlandia, but in the land of tech and social media, it’s all about the dashboard—a “control center” of the latest and greatest information that can help inform your decisions about what to share. For MagMakers on Flipboard, having a command central for content can really make the difference in the quality and recency of your magazines. You can set this up today with nothing more than your Flipboard account.

Here’s how: Let’s say you own an organic milk company (stay with us!) and your magazine is called I Scream, You Scream 4 Ice [...]

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Spotlight: Portrait Photographer Sean Hagwell

Sean Hagwell

My name is Sean Hagwell and my medium is photography. And sometimes directing.

My love of photography started when I found my parents’ cameras at the age of 8. But it wasn’t until my mid-20s that I realized it was at the core of who I was. Nothing in my life came so naturally.

If I’m being honest, I became a photographer out of a mix of personal enjoyment and really not knowing any better. I never went to art school or had any formal training, which made learning the [...]

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Let’s Be Real: Your Cover Really Does Matter

You may not be able to fairly judge a magazine by its cover, but people will try to anyway, so be sure to keep your magazine covers fresh and enticing.

Here are a few tips on how to capture readers’ attention with a great cover:

  • Choose images that evoke an emotional response, such as pictures of people. For example, if you have an electronics magazine, select an image of someone using the gadget, rather than a simple product shot.
  • Use colorful, simple images with a central focal point to catch readers’ attention quickly.
  • Images without text are usually better [...]
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Spotlight: “Expert Generalist” Aly Juma

My name is Aly Juma and my medium is information.

My love of learning is driven by my generalist outlook on life. I’ve always been supremely curious about everything—Always Be Curious, as my magazine is titled—and found it hard to settle for any one thing. I studied engineering in college and subsequently worked for an advertising agency in Tanzania, which lead to grad school in France.

I’ve always followed my passions wherever they take me. Now I’m focused on designing T-shirts, writing, and working as a business intelligence consultant. You can learn more [...]

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FlipTip: Edit Your Full Name

Every Tuesday, we’ll have a simple tip related to MagMaking in this blog. Some tips will be for power curators, but others, like this one, are good to know if you’re just starting out.

Sometimes, the username you created at sign-up wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Never fear — you can still have any name you want on display, via your Full Name.

Your Full Name is different from your username — it can have caps and spaces — and you can change it anytime without creating a new account. To edit it, tap the red ribbon (or three-line [...]

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Spotlight: iPad Artist Raheem “Ra” Nelson

My name is Raheem Nelson—Ra for short—and my medium is iPad art.

My love of drawing started when I was 5. My parents drew for me and at 7, I started doing it for myself and drawing, like, The Ninja Turtles. Eventually I got my confidence up and started drawing my own comic books. I love the discipline and process of making a comic book: writing, inking, coloring duties. I took it upon myself to do all those roles, and be a multifaceted artist from a young age.

I use Flipboard to keep [...]

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How to Create a Ridiculously Interesting Magazine (In Four Steps or Maybe Less)


It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a blog, sharing photos, posting social updates, or curating a magazine on Flipboard: if you want to attract an audience, there’s one thing you absolutely must do: You have to be interesting.

Sure it’s obvious. But if it were easy, everyone would be a media superstar. So what’s the secret to interestingness?

That turns out to be pretty simple too: Pick a topic you’re passionate about, then concentrate on it intensely. “When I curate on Flipboard, I like to start with things people are already familiar [...]

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Style Magazines for a Do-It-Yourself Generation


Interesting design doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to come from a store. The do-it-yourself (DIY) movement is thriving, as a new generation takes a more hands-on approach to style and decor. That DIY approach even extends to curation and publishing, as many enthusiasts also create their own Flipboard magazines to collect, share and display interesting project ideas. Here are a few DIY magazines that inspire us:

Clothing DIY by Christina A is packed with tips and ideas for self-made fashionistas:



I [...]

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Eight Fan-Curated Magazines Remain. Only One Will Represent the 2014 World Cup Champion


From an initial field of 32 national teams, the 2014 World Cup has now been winnowed down to a quarterfinal group of eight. There’s been plenty of drama and surprise, with early favorites England, Spain and Italy eliminated in the early rounds, while Uruguay’s Luis Suárez was banned for taking a bite out of an opposing player. Here in the United States, high hopes for Team USA were dashed after a tough loss to Belgium. It’s already been a World Cup to remember.

Amid all the soaring highs and plummeting lows, [...]

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Educators Send Flipboard Magazines Into the Classroom


Recently we’ve noticed a number of blog posts that describe how teachers are creating Flipboard magazines to collect and share content with students and other education professionals. The most recent of these comes from Josh Allen, who writes on the Tech Fridge blog about using Flipboard magazines to support his program to integrate technology in the classroom:

I set up a Flipboard magazine for myself to read based off the #blendedlearning hashtag on Twitter, but I wanted a way to save and share the great articles I was reading. I had heard about creating your own magazines in Flipboard, [...]

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One World Cup. Hundreds of MagMakers. 32 Team Magazines. Launching Today on Flipboard


On June 12, all eyes will be on Brazil as the opening kick inaugurates the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup is one of the most closely watched sporting events on the planet, with teams from 32 nations competing in a month-long series of elimination rounds that culminates in a final match where one team will be crowned World Champion.

To give you a unique view of the action, we’re excited to launch 32 new magazines on Flipboard today — one for each team participating in the World Cup, from Team Algeria to [...]

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Congratulation, Graduates! Get Ready for the Rest of Your Life


For college students, summer’s already here. With graduation comes the inevitable commencement speech, a half-hour of sage advice doled out by celebrated alumni and big thinkers—everyone from actors to professors to politicians.

Students have historically approached this time of the year with a mixture of trepidation and relief. Some are looking forward to graduate school, while others are realizing it’s time to update that LinkedIn profile. From from here on out, you’re on your own.

Even if you’re not graduating, education is an ongoing process. These magazines share a few life-lessons [...]

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Help Us Curate a News Magazine About Your Favorite 2014 World Cup Team


The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil begins on June 12, and you’re invited to help curate a very special Flipboard magazine about your favorite team.

When the matches begin, the Flipboard editorial team will host a dedicated magazine for each of the 32 participating World Cup nations — from Team Algeria to Team Uruguay, and everyone in between. Each magazine will be a celebration of the team’s adventures in Brazil and will be curated by dedicated fans like you.

This is a chance to show off your country pride and [...]

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Get an Education in Flipboard Magazines, at MagMaker U.


If you want to create awesome Flipboard magazines, we’ve created a place to learn how it’s done — at MagMaker U.

There are no tuition fees or exams to pass.  MagMaker U. is simply a special collection of how-to guides and advanced tips we’ve collected for anyone who wants to build beautiful and engaging Flipboard magazines:


You’ll also find case studies that highlight some of the clever ways our community of MagMakers has put their magazines to work, as well as interviews in [...]

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Evan Vucci Shares a Photographer’s View of Photography


When he’s not taking pictures on Capitol Hill or jet-setting on Air Force One, Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci likes to share great photography in Loupe 35-Photojournalism & Documentary Photography, his Flipboard magazine about the craft of photojournalism.


The big title caught our eye, and we were impressed by what we found inside, so we called Evan to learn more.

Tell us about your day job. What exactly do you do?

I’m a photographer for the Associated Press [...]

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Browse the Best of #FlipboardFriday


A few months ago, we told you about #FlipboardFriday, a lovely social media ritual created by our friends at the unofficial Flipboard Club as a way to share the Flipboard magazines you love most.  It’s easy to participate: Each Friday, simply Tweet the URL of a Flipboard magazine you love, along with the #FlipboardFriday hashtag.

But what happens after you share a magazine for #FlipboardFriday? Apart from helping to spread the word about a noteworthy Flipboard magazine, volunteers from the Flipboard Club also search the hashtag to review the weekly recommendations. They then [...]

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Find Inspiration for Your Inner Easter Bunny


Easter is this Sunday, April 20. If your local Easter Bunny is still looking for ways to make an Easter Egg Hunt more interesting, take a look at MagMaker Andrea Folsom’s Beautiful DIY Easter Eggs magazine.

Inside you’ll find creative ideas to make Easter more colorful, including some clever (and quick!) techniques to decorate eggs without messy dyes:


Don’t miss Andrea Folsom’s other DIY magazines, via her Flipboard profile.

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These Flipboard Magazines Were Made for TV


Couch potatoes, rejoice: TV is here to stay. Our changing media habits haven’t traded depth for distribution. Shows like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Justified prove that we crave substance, surprise and storytelling in equal measure. Yet we also want to watch our favorite shows anywhere or anytime — with or without a dedicated TV set.

There’s a lot of navigation required in the new world of television, but you don’t need to get off the couch to find out what to watch. Instead, read these television-themed magazines by Flipboard MagMakers to [...]

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Select a Beautiful Cover Image to Make Your Magazine More Awesome


This is a tale of two Flipboard magazines.

Both are Ridiculously Awesome. Both were created by the same person, and both contain the same content.  Yet as you can see above: the magazine on the right really does look ridiculously awesome. But the mag on the left looks…not so awesome at all.

Actually, these two magazines are almost exactly the same. The only difference is the cover image. As you can tell, the cover does a lot to make a first impression. Which would you want to read?

By default, Flipboard [...]

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Into the Wild with Flipboard MagMaker Heather Green


MagMaker Heather Green lives in the wilds of southern Florida, 20 miles from the closest town, with her husband, two horses, five chickens, and one Great Dane. She also has 37 terrific Flipboard magazines covering a wide assortment of topics — from RVs and Jeeps to photography tips, Florida panthers, and… Bigfoot. Heather caught our attention shortly after we launched Flipboard magazines in 2013, and her magazines have only gotten better over time. We decided it was time to say hello.

Flipboard: Your magazines cover a lot of different [...]

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