Find Inspiration for Your Inner Easter Bunny


Easter is this Sunday, April 20. If your local Easter Bunny is still looking for ways to make an Easter Egg Hunt more interesting, take a look at MagMaker Andrea Folsom’s Beautiful DIY Easter Eggs magazine.

Inside you’ll find creative ideas to make Easter more colorful, including some clever (and quick!) techniques to decorate eggs without messy dyes:


Don’t miss Andrea Folsom’s other DIY magazines, via her Flipboard profile.

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These Flipboard Magazines Were Made for TV


Couch potatoes, rejoice: TV is here to stay. Our changing media habits haven’t traded depth for distribution. Shows like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Justified prove that we crave substance, surprise and storytelling in equal measure. Yet we also want to watch our favorite shows anywhere or anytime — with or without a dedicated TV set.

There’s a lot of navigation required in the new world of television, but you don’t need to get off the couch to find out what to watch. Instead, read these television-themed magazines by Flipboard MagMakers to [...]

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Select a Beautiful Cover Image to Make Your Magazine More Awesome


This is a tale of two Flipboard magazines.

Both are Ridiculously Awesome. Both were created by the same person, and both contain the same content.  Yet as you can see above: the magazine on the right really does look ridiculously awesome. But the mag on the left looks…not so awesome at all.

Actually, these two magazines are almost exactly the same. The only difference is the cover image. As you can tell, the cover does a lot to make a first impression. Which would you want to read?

By default, Flipboard [...]

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Into the Wild with Flipboard MagMaker Heather Green


MagMaker Heather Green lives in the wilds of southern Florida, 20 miles from the closest town, with her husband, two horses, five chickens, and one Great Dane. She also has 37 terrific Flipboard magazines covering a wide assortment of topics — from RVs and Jeeps to photography tips, Florida panthers, and… Bigfoot. Heather caught our attention shortly after we launched Flipboard magazines in 2013, and her magazines have only gotten better over time. We decided it was time to say hello.

Flipboard: Your magazines cover a lot of different [...]

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How to Teach a Room Full of Landscaping Contractors How to Create Their Own Flipboard Magazines


Late last month, dozens of landscape contractors gathered in Chicago to learn how to create and curate Flipboard magazines. By all accounts it turned out to be a remarkable session.

All the contractors were affiliated with Aquascape, a company that specializes in the sale and installation of landscaped water-features such as ponds, water gardens, and backyard ecosystems. Aquascape CEO Greg Wittstock has become an enthusiastic Flipboard user in recent months, and he was quick to realize that Aquascape contractors could also use Flipboard magazines to share design ideas with potential clients.

That’s why [...]

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Thank You for an Incredible Year of Flipboard MagMaking


One year ago, on March 27, 2013, we unveiled Flipboard 2.0 — the version of Flipboard that enabled anyone to collect and share their favorite articles, photos, videos and audio in Flipboard magazines. When we launched magazines, we didn’t know exactly how our community would use them… but we knew you would amaze us.

Fast-forward one year, and we’ve seen the evidence: There are magazines that inspire and inform us. We see magazines that are beautiful, magazines that reflect your passions, magazines that make us laugh, and magazine that feel like [...]

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Use This Trick to Find Cool Flipboard Magazines


Looking for something new to read? There are a few places to start, including Flipboard’s staff-curated #MagsWeLove and By Our Readers feeds.

But if you’d like to go direct — to find new magazines shared by other Flipboard MagMakers and readers — Flipboard Club founder Aida B. wrote us recently to share a handy tip.  She suggests using Flipboard to search Twitter:

One of the best ways to keep up with new Flipboard magazines by the general public is to search Twitter within the Flipboard app. What’s really cool about Flipboard’s search is [...]

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Enjoy SXSW 2014, in Austin or Elsewhere, with These Flipboard Magazines


The South by Southwest (SXSW) conference is underway right now in Austin, Texas. For the next few days, tens of thousands of attendees will immerse themselves in the unique mix of art, technology, film, music, food and Texas charm that has made SXSW a haven for trendsetting cool.

If you’re attending SXSW 2014 or just following along from home, our friends at the Flipboard Club have launched an impressive series of co-curated magazines to cover all the action:

SXSW 2014,  a digest of news about all facets of the SXSW, by [...]

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A Flipboard Magazine Built for Life on the Road


This is United Van Lines Driver Kelly Dubue. He’s reading Mobile Trucking Magazine in the cab of his truck while waiting to unload a shipment at a warehouse in Ottawa, Canada.

We’ve written about the ways professionals can use Flipboard magazines to share news about industry topics and trends. Mobile Trucking Magazine does just that, although it was created for a group of professionals who seldom set foot in a traditional office environment: Long-haul truck drivers.

Mobile Trucking is a new magazine curated by Dale Booth, VP of Operations for the Boyd Group [...]

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A Mother’s Life, Remembered on Flipboard


To familiarize himself with magazine-making on Flipboard, genealogy enthusiast Randy Seaver curated photos and articles about his mother into a Flipboard magazine. Then he wrote a blog post about it:

I pondered… how I might use [Flipboard] to introduce my extended family to the collected family pictures and stories about their ancestors. I know that there are other programs and apps that can do this, but Flipboard really appealed to me, and it has on both browser and mobile app versions.

Randy does a nice job of walking the reader through [...]

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Clever Idea: A Flipboard Magazine with Its Own Twitter Account


This was fun to discover…

We love it when people create Flipboard magazines to extend brands that already exist in traditional or digital media.

But @UpInTheAirMag by Daniel Stecher is the first time we’ve seen a Twitter account created explicitly to support a Flipboard magazine — in this case, Daniel’s 2013 Best of #MagsWeLove commercial aviation magazine, Up In The Air.

Good thinking, Daniel! It’s a clever idea, and extra credit for including his magazine’s web URL in the Twitter profile.  Fingers crossed, we hope to see more of this happen in [...]

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Mangia! Flipboard Magazines for People Who Love Italian Food


Even if you weren’t born in Italy, you may be the kind of person who becomes Italian at mealtime.

Italian chefs spent hundreds of years perfecting a regional food tradition that uses fresh ingredients to create hearty, satisfying dishes. Today, that cuisine has adapted itself to kitchens all over the world. From Tuscany to Tokyo to Tulsa, the simplicity and accessibility of Italian-style cooking has allowed it to thrive. It’s also popular on Flipboard — thanks to MagMakers who have created magazines dedicated to Italian cuisine.  Here are a few that made us [...]

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Hillel Fuld’s Favorite Magazines About Tech


Hillel Fuld is the chief marketing officer of a young startup called Zula that originally launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. Before that, he built a reputation as a blogger and tech authority in Israel. A peek at Hillel’s Flipboard profile reveals an impressive collection of his own magazines about technology and entrepreneurship (Hint: Don’t miss Hilzgazine).

We wanted to know what Flipboard magazines Hillel reads to keep pace with the world of tech. These are his go-to sources:

1. Startup News, created by Robert Scoble Scoble invited me to co-curate this magazine, [...]

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Made With Love: Our Valentine for Flipboard MagMakers


It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re feeling the love for our community of Flipboard MagMakers.

To express our affection, we’re pleased to unveil our MagMaker Valentines, very special magazine created by Flipboard staff for the talented people who curate the magazines we read regularly. Inside, you’ll see Flipboard designers, engineers, marketers and editors posing with the magazines they love most. This Valentine was made with love, and it’s a big wet kiss to everyone who inspires us to pursue our passions.

For example, Deanne loves the way she gets hungry every time she [...]

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See Sochi 2014 from a Different Perspective


The 2014 Olympic Winter Games are underway in Sochi, and if you’ve got a television, you’ve got an excellent view of the competition. But there’s lots more to see at Sochi, and these Flipboard magazines offer a perspective  you won’t find on TV.


SochiGrams 2014 by the curators from Team Flipboard Club collects Instagram photos posted from the accounts of Olympic athletes. Want to know what it’s like to experience Sochi as an Olympian? Start here:



Sochi Selfies by Derek Evans captures the enthusiasm [...]

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Test Drive the New Flipboard Bookmarket


A crack team of Flipboard designers and engineers recently gave Flipboard’s Flip It web bookmarklet a handsome makeover for 2014. The updated Flip It bookmarklet makes it even easier to flip content into your magazines — all on one screen. Here’s a quick tour of the highlights:

Select an Image Whenever possible, Flipboard automatically selects an image to display with your article. If you like that image, you’re all set — just choose one of your magazines, click the Add button at bottom right, and you’re done.

To select a different image [...]

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Magazines to Restore Your New Year’s Resolution


It’s the last day of January, which means it’s been a month since you started your New Year’s Resolutions. So… how’s it going? If taking better care of yourself was on your 2014 to-do list,  these Flipboard magazines can help you meet your goals.

The Healthy Way by Stacy Teet is a beautiful to better living:


Fitness by Jennifer Phillips is full of simple exercise routines that you can do during a busy day:



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Use This Shortcut to Add Content to Your Magazines From Your Mobile Devices


You’re active. You’re mobile. You’re on the go, on the town and on your way. You’re reading via the web browser on your smartphone or tablet device, and you need a simple way to flip content from the mobile browser to your Flipboard magazines. Here’s a technique to make that easier via Android or iOS.

One option, of course, is to install the Flipboard bookmarklet in your mobile browser. But an even faster and more flexible technique is to “beam” the URL of the item you’re reading in your browser (or [...]

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How Joerie Mortelmans Uses Co-Contributors to Superpower His Magazines


On his profile page, Belgium-based Joerie Mortelmans calls himself a “reflipping perfectionist.” Joerie’s skill as Flipboard MagMaker shines through in every magazine he creates, but he’s also developed a unique talent for launching magazines curated by multiple co-contributors.

With 16 co-contributors, his Social Brainstorm magazine is a fun mix of buzz-worthy articles about culture and design. Meanwhile, The News Crowd, with 12 co-contributors, provides a more serious and timely perspective on politics, economics, global affairs and sports.

Both magazines are thriving, so we asked Joerie for some tips on how to [...]

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Promote Your Magazines with Flipboard’s New Web Badges


You’ve created a Flipboard magazine, and it looks fantastic. Now you’re ready to share it with people who also read your blog or website. That just got easier, thanks to Flipboard’s new magazine widget and profile badges.

The magazine widget is an eye-catching graphic that updates automatically to reflect your current magazine cover. Clicking on it takes readers directly to your Flipboard magazine. The new profile badge links directly to your Flipboard profile page, where visitors will find links to all the magazines you’ve created.

Flipboard profile badges and magazine widgets [...]

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Flipboard is Headed to Alt (and Making a Magazine About It)


Starting tonight, Flipboard will join an incredible group of bloggers and creative professionals at the Alt Summit, an annual conference getting underway in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We’re headed to Alt to meet some old friends — and make new ones. We’ll also have a presence there to talk about Flipboard magazines, and the many ways they can be used to tell stories that matter.

If you’ll be at Alt, stop by to say hello. If you can’t be there, we’ve created a magazine called Flipboard@Alt to document the experience, and [...]

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Using a Flipboard Magazine as a Professional Portfolio


Although most Flipboard magazines come in a few common varieties, we love it when people use Flipboard magazines in creative ways. That’s why MagMaker Mike Street’s professional portfolio caught our attention.

Based in New York, Mike is an independent digital strategist with a deep background in marketing and branding. His Flipboard magazine collects articles, photos and work samples, all in one place, in a handsome Flipboard magazine that’s easy to share via a single URL. It’s simple, convenient and rather clever.

Are you using Flipboard magazines in surprising ways? Tell us about it!


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View Twitter Lists on Flipboard to Find Great Content for Your Magazines


If you’re a Flipboard MagMaker, you’re always on the hunt for relevant material to add to your magazines. Here’s a handy trick to make that task much easier.  Adding Twitter Lists to your Flipboard is a fast and convenient way to curate amazing Flipboard magazine content that makes readers say “Wow!” Here’s how you do it:

1. Connect Your Twitter Account to Flipboard If you haven’t already done this, add your Twitter account to your Flipboard. Start by tapping the content guide under the red ribbon on the top right of [...]

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IBM Is a Flipboard MagMaker


Flipboard MagMakers come in many different sizes, from small and intimate to large and global.

In the latter category, we were excited to see that IBM curates a Flipboard magazine called “IBM Serving BP” to share news with professionals in the chemical and petroleum industries:

["IBM Serving BP” magazine] contains content that is informative and relevant to IBM’s work in support of BP and is helping people connect, communicate and share information. Empowering employees and engaging with customers is the foundation for becoming a successful social business. This magazine is refreshed weekly and [...]

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Radiant Orchid: Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year Inspires a Very Purple Flipboard Magazine


Capping off a long process of meticulous study and design trendspotting, the color gurus at Pantone recently unveiled their 2014 Color of the Year — Radiant Orchid:

Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.

As colors go, it’s definitely … rather purple.

Happily, MagMaker Andrea Folsom created a clever Flipboard magazine dedicated [...]

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Browse the Future of Shopping with Retail Expert Erin Neer


If you’ve purchased anything at a brick-and-mortar store in the last few years, you know that many of the most important changes in retail aren’t visible as you walk down the aisle. Online commerce, app-enabled mobile devices and sophisticated inventory-management tools have transformed the retail industry — and the process isn’t finished yet.

From her home in North Carolina, MagMaker Erin Neer tracks retail trends in her Future of Shopping magazine.


The Future of Shopping is an eye-opening guide to the changes [...]

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How to Promote Your Flipboard Magazine


You’ve created a Flipboard magazine and filled it with fabulous content. Now you’re ready to start building an audience. What’s the best way to promote your magazine?

Flipboard magazines are viewable on the web, so there are plenty of promotional possibilities. Anyone can enjoy your magazines — no matter if they’re on a desktop computer or mobile device, or if they have Flipboard installed. Here’s how to spread the word:

Share to Your Networks On the cover of your magazine there’s a Share button to the left, under your name. When you [...]

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MagsWeLove 2013: Flipboard Magazines That Inspired Us Most


Introducing the ability to create your own magazines on Flipboard was one of our biggest highlights for 2013, and the response we’ve received has been absolutely mind-blowing — more than 5 million magazines have already been created. So as part of our year in review, we surveyed the staff here at Flipboard to compile our first-ever collection of the best magazines created by Flipboard MagMakers.

These are the magazines we love most. They’re magazines that make us say wow. Magazines that entertain, educate and inform us. Magazines that are timely and [...]

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Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Flipboard MagMakers


There’s an art to creating a successful Flipboard magazine, but there’s some science involved as well. So with apologies to Stephen R. Covey, the participants in last week’s #FlipboardChat highlighted seven techniques that successful MagMakers use to attract loyal readers and stand out from the crowd:

Secret #1: Successful MagMakers have compelling magazine covers Just like on a traditional newsstand, the cover of a Flipboard magazine draws in a potential reader. Flipboard will automatically select a cover image for your magazine, but for best results, select your own cover image to make sure your magazine [...]

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Luis Samra’s Favorite MagMaker Magazines About Evernote


As the general manager of Evernote Latin America, Luis Samra spearheads the growth of Evernote, the popular online note-taking and storage service, in Central and South America. Under his leadership, Evernote has also established a strong presence on Flipboard, with two official magazines, Evernote América Latina and Evernote Brasil, providing stories and tips for local users.

Meanwhile,  many Flipboard MagMakers are also dedicated Evernote fans, so we asked Luis to tell us about a few Evernote-themed magazines he enjoys. Here are three of his favorites:

1. “Get Organized with Evernote” by Raul Mesquita [...]

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#FlipboardFriday is a Way to Share the Mags You Love Most


Our friends at the unofficial Flipboard Club have developed a wonderful tradition: Every Friday, they spread the word about Flipboard magazines they love by sharing a magazine on Twitter, along with the #FlipboardFriday hashtag. With their permission, we’d like to extend that tradition to the rest of our MagMaker community.

That special #FlipboardFriday magazine can be one of your own, or it could be curated by another talented MagMaker. Regardless, if you have Flipboard magazines that makes you feel smarter, or more plugged-in, or more stylish or more inspired… #FlipboardFriday is a [...]

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Flipboard 101: Learn the Basics About How to Use Flipboard


If you want to start creating Flipboard magazines, it helps to understand the basics about  how Flipboard works. This handy walk-through video shows you everything you need to know about Flipboard’s most essential features, including the table of contents, search, the content guide and subscribing to feeds.  Check it out:

Once you have the feel for all the basics, you’re ready to become a MagMaker. There’s a video for that too, so if you have another three minutes, we can also teach you how to make your first first Flipboard magazine.

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Meet Nazneen Rahman: Scientist, Musician, MagMaker


Flipboard MagMaker Nazneen Rahman is on a quest to find the genes that cause cancer. As the head of the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology at the Institute of Cancer Research and the Cancer Genetics Clinical Unit at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, she leads a research effort focused on breast, ovarian and childhood cancers.

Rahman and her team know the thrill of discovery. Among her biggest: helping to identify the PALB2 gene, which puts people at a greater risk of developing breast cancer and certain childhood cancers. “There’s [...]

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Flipboard Magazines to Make Holiday Shopping More Fun


It’s been a few weeks since we launched the ability to add products to your Flipboard magazines, and it’s just a few weeks until Christmas. That makes this a perfect time to look at some of the shoppable magazines and catalogs Flipboard MagMakers have created.

Pro Tip: These magazines look good on the web, but they look best in Flipboard’s mobile apps.


Everyone loves bacon. Everyone. Everywhere. Some people may not eat bacon for one reason or another, but it’s hard to [...]

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Find Yourself: Search Flipboard to Add Content to Your Magazines


Digital publishing is about putting your content where your readers are. That sounds straightforward, but it’s not so simple, because lots of readers are now on lots of different channels — blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and more. That’s why, for bloggers and content publishers, it’s handy that Flipboard magazines let you combine content from all your current social platforms, all in one place. But if you want to add your own content to your Flipboard magazines, you must first find yourself.

Happily, that doesn’t require an awkward journey of personal [...]

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We’re Thankful for Our Terrific Flipboard MagMakers


It’s Thanksgiving, and with the holiday comes the sudden realization that we need to add a new category to our list of the Five Most Popular Types of Flipboard Magazine.

The new species is called a ThankfulMag, and we just received the very best one in the entire world: “Thank You, Flipboard,”  published today by the clever MagMakers in the Flipboard Club:

Thanksgiving is here. A time when we remember those who have changed our world for the better, those who have made our lives richer. A time to show our gratitude, in [...]

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